Lorn Films goal is to give a voice to those that have been silenced, and try to bring a little justice to those who have been wronged. Our vision is and will always be the same, to fight for the forsaken ones, and tell their truth to the best of our ability. Lorn Films is proud to make a difference on how human stories are told and we will do this one story at a time.


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La Pasion de Puerto Rico


175 The Movie
175 The Movie

Director / Writer / Co-Founder

Yael Deynes is an award-winning filmmaker and co-founder of Lorn Films. Deynes entered the film industry in 2014 with his first screenplay, 175, a historical drama inspired by real survivors who opened up to Deynes about the persecution of the LGBTQ community during the Holocaust and after. The script led to a signed deal with a top Hollywood talent agency. His work also caught the eye of Marsha Posner Williams, the two-time Emmy and three-time Golden Globe winning producer of The Golden Girls. Williams produced his directorial debut, My Secret Lake, which picked up an SFAAF Award and is distributed on Amazon Prime Video. While working as a writer for several streaming networks and film studios, Deynes has consulted and held seminars for universities, writer’s groups and non-profit organizations.

Due to the damage of Hurricane Maria, Deynes was unable to reach his mother in Puerto Rico for two agonizing weeks. This inspired him to create a cinematic message of hope for the island entitled, Who We Are, which won an award at the My Hero International Film Festival. The film has amassed millions of views and was broadcast to 20,000 attendees during the Puerto Rican benefit concert, “Somos Uno” which featured artists such as Luis Fonsi, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and more. Motivated by his ambition to reveal lost stories, Deynes began work on Nuestras Historias in June 2018 and launched the project by documenting interviews with Puerto Ricans affected by the hurricane. Entirely self-taught, Deynes attributes his knack for storytelling to his grandmother’s vivid tales as well as the everlasting desire to do the right thing.

The scope and impact of the pieces by Yael Deynes have led him to receive international awards for his projects My Secret Lake and Who We Are, which just received a Telly Award after competing with other filmmakers from 50 states and 5 continents


Editor / Co-Founder

Born in Santiago, Chile in 1986, Sebastian Silva studied Audiovisual Communication at UNIACC and opted to specialize in Cinema. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Communication degree in December 2009. In 2010 he continued his education and received a Masters in Documentary Production from the school of Journalism UNIACC. In 2012, he wrote and directed the documentary The Little Monster, which picked up several awards including a Polari Jury Award as well as Official Selection at the Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival and the Queens World Film Festival.

During 2016, Sebastian moved to Los Angeles, CA in order to further develop his editing career. He was hired as a full-time editor at BuzzFeed, where he worked on popular web series such as BuzzFeed Unsolved, Outsmarted and Worth it. He has continued to work on award-winning projects such as Who We Are, which won Best Short at the My Hero International Film Fest. His work can also be seen on Amazon Prime in the short My Secret Lake, which picked up an award at SFAAF.


LORN FILMS was established in 2015 because of the need to tell stories of significant human impact. These stories are not told because the industry feels they are not box office material. We at Lorn films believe they are wrong, people love a good true story that will move them and start a conversation. There are thousands of these stories out there in the world, that haven't even been touched for the reason stated above.

Our goal at Lorn films is to tell these stories, to give a voice to those who have been silenced and to try to bring a little justice to those who have been wronged. We are a very passionate group of professionals who believe in this company and its message.

Our vision is and will always be the same, to fight for the forsaken ones and tell their stories to the best of our ability. We will look all around the globe for similar stories, but that alone will not be enough. We need your help, having you tell us your story with the passion that only you can is something we will strive for. If your story is selected we will stay true to it, and will not shy away from anything. Lorn films is a company who wants to make a difference in how human stories are told and we are very proud of that.

Please contact us with your story and let's make a difference in the world one story at a time.


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